Understanding Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are small electronic devices that can help people with hearing loss by making sounds louder. They are typically worn in or behind the ear and come in different styles and types and are designed to absorb, amplify, and process sound. This provides the ears and brain with ample support, making it easier to hear and communicate. Hearing aids have experienced a lot of innovation over the years. Most hearing aids are digital and powered by a traditional or rechargeable battery. The basic principle of hearing aids is that a microphone converts sound to an electrical signal, which is then amplified and converted back into sound. If you are considering hearing aids, it is important to choose the right one for your specific type of hearing loss.
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How Hearing Aids Work

Understanding how hearing aids work and knowing about a few common features can also help navigate your options. All hearing aids work in a similar way. Hearing aids consist of the following components which allow them to process sound: 
  • Microphone: picks up sound waves from the environment and converts them into electrical signals. Digital hearing aids convert signals into digital signals which can then be manipulated in various ways to meet the specific hearing needs of the wearer.
  • Amplifier: strengthens signals and amplifies weaker sounds before sending them to the speaker.
  • Speaker: also known as the receiver, the speaker conveys these signals to the inner ear where they continue to be processed and then sent to the brain.
Hearing aids are powered by disposable batteries or a rechargeable battery. Hearing aids differ when it comes to style as well as features.  

Hearing Aid Features

Similar to most electronic devices today, hearing aids have experienced significant innovation. The hearing aids of today offer a range of styles, technologies, and features that deliver enhanced sound quality, connectivity, and user experience. Modern hearing aids offer enhanced features to make the quality. Some of these features include the following:
These are some of the major benefits to hearing aid use today. These features help the wearer hear more clearly and helps with communication as a whole. We can help guide you through the process from a hearing test to initial consultation about which hearing aid would work best for you based on your specific needs.